Team that showed up for 6 hours in month long tour celebrating successful visit


WELLINGTON – The cricket team that only played decent cricket four roughly three hours in a monthly long tour, has returned home with parity against the team that outplayed them the rest of the time.

The team that dominated all facets of the game for every single second of the remaining tour has also been replaced as the number one side in the rankings.

It is however pertinent to mention here that the respective dominances came in different formats of the sport, the shorter version of which was conquered by the six-hour blitz.

“It is important to peak at the right time,” the captain of the side that dominated those six hours told The Dependent.

“We decided to peak around 11 am Pakistan Standard Time on January 25 after over three weeks in the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, experts are lauding this team’s ability to peak for those shorter stints, making them the top side in the world for those particular assignments.

“They are brilliant at 3 hour knockout punches,” says a leading commentator. “It is multiplying it with two and a half that has become problematic.”

Another commentator went further.

“Yes, multiplying it by 15 appears to be a growing concern as well.”