Supply from Khanpur Dam halved causing trouble for twin cities: report


ISLAMABAD: The parched residents of the capital have been told to brace for further water shortages after the government decided to curtail the supply of water from the Khanpur Dam owing to maintenance of its left bank canal.

In an advisory issued by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Wednesday, annual de-silting and cleaning operation will be conducted on the left bank canal of the dam for 10-days from February 1-10.

During this period, supply from the dam for Islamabad will be reduced from eight million gallons per day (mgd) to just three million gallons per day. Moreover, Rawalpindi will see its supply reduced to just a third, from 12 mgd to just four million gallons per day.

The capital is already facing a shortage of water after supply from the Simply Dam, the main source of water for the city, saw supplies reduced from 34 mgd to just 19 mgd.