Ratio of missing persons increased exponentially in 2017: report


LAHORE: During the last six months of 2017, three persons are being added to the already existing list of missing persons on a daily basis, according to a local English daily.

During the last six months of 2017, the commission received at least 549 cases of missing persons, 92 cases were added to the list in December 2017. The commission received 54 cases of missing persons in July, 158 in August, 58 in September, 83 in October, 104 and 92 in the months of November and December, respectively.

The commission received 319 cases of missing persons during the first six months of 2017, 62 persons were added to the list of missing persons in January, 52 in February, 59 in March, 52 in April, 63 in May and 29 in June, 2017.