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KU hosts seminar on cyber security

KARACHI: University of Karachi (KU) Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology on Thursday organised a seminar on “Cyber Security” at the Arts Auditorium of the university.

Speaking on the occasion, Server for Sale and Cyber Security Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Munaf said the common perception that cybercrimes are low-level crimes must be removed since, in reality, they are as dangerous as other major crimes.

He said that online fraud, theft and blackmailing are all part of cybercrimes. It’s a dangerous thing for people’s personal life and privacy in modern time, he said. Users must secure their passwords on internet and electronic devices, and must be highly careful in order to save themselves from cybercrimes, he added.

He also informed the audience to secure their online bank accounts and to make their accounts more secure on Google. He also enlightened the major aspects of cybercrime bill, according to which a citizen can lodge a complaint to Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) with relevant proofs for further investigation and punishment (if proven guilty).

Speaking on the occasion, KU Vice-Chancellor Dr Ajmal Khan said that in this digital age, no one’s personal life is secure from cybercrimes, and people must be well aware to keep themselves safe and secure from cyber-attacks.

He appreciated the establishment of Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology and termed it vital for spreading a greater awareness of cybercrimes among its students, faculty and public.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Karachi Director Javed Memon said that we must be well aware of the advantages as well as disadvantages of social media and cyber world. HEC is playing its key role in the promotion of IT and research projects on cloud computing, he said.

Department of Computer Science Assistant Professor Dr Nadeem Mehmood said that common people are not that careful as far as cyber security is concerned and that is the reason why cybercrime rate is increasing. We must promote awareness regarding the responsible and careful use of the internet, he reiterated.

Money theft is the motive behind almost 90 percent of cybercrimes in the world and many tools like fraud or blackmailing are used in this regard, he added.

Dr Qamar-ul-Arifeen from the Computer Science Department said the establishment of Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology is vital for controlling cybercrimes.

He further said that the centre will provide assistance and guidance to multinational companies and banks to make their financial security system securer.

He also announced to organize such awareness workshops in future to raise awareness regarding cybercrimes.

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