FIA arrest 10 Pakistanis deported from Turkey


SIALKOT: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested 10 Pakistanis from the Sialkot International Airport here on Thursday after being deported in an attempt to illegally enter into Turkish territory.

FIA Divisional Deputy Director Khalid Anees said that most of the deported Pakistanis belonged to Sialkot region. He said that the accused had been sent illegally to Turkey by some local agents after extorting big amounts from them.

From Turkey, the accused were to be sent to Greece and other European countries illegally, however, the Turkish Border Security Forces arrested and deported them back to the country, he added.

Khalid Anees further said that the FIA is interrogating the accused after being arrested from the airport.


  1. What FIA does with deported Pakistanis, in order to re lease them asks for more money. That is the role of FIA

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