SC to hear Kohat medical student murder case today


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court will hear the Asma Rani murder case today (Wednesday).

Aasma Rani, a third-year MBBS student at Abbottabad Medical College, was shot dead in her hometown of Kohat on Saturday. Main accused, Mujahid Gul Afridi, shot her thrice and according to the victim’s family, wanted to marry her.

In a disturbing video made prior to her passing, Aasma revealed the name of her attacker. “Mujahid Afridi, Mujahid Afridi,” Aasma is heard saying.

On Tuesday, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib took suo moto notice of the murder of medical college student in Kohat.

The chief justice had summoned a report from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General Police Salahuddin Mehsud, the deadline for which expires today.

Chief Justice Nisar remarked while hearing a separate case on Tuesday that the suspect is said to be a relative of a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader.

The chief justice questioned how the suspect was able to flee the country.


Earlier in the day, Kohat police claimed to have arrested main accused’s brother Sadiq Afridi. The police have stated Sadiq was present when Mujahid opened fire on Rani. The brother was arrested from Kohat and moved to an unknown location where an investigation is underway.


Kohat District Police Officer (DPO) Abbas Majeed Marwat in a press conference had stated that a red warrant has been issued against Mujahid and he will be brought back to Pakistan with the help of Interpol. The DPO had further stated there is no political pressure on the police.

On Monday, Mujahid reportedly fled to Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa via foreign airline’s flight from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. As per reports, the accused left for the airport soon after carrying out the fatal attack.

The man [Mujahid] is the nephew of PTI local district president,” the officer had said and added, “there is no pressure on police and we are trying to arrest both the accused in the case.”

The DPO had further said that the culprit is around 24-years-old and his father lives in Qatar. Mujahid himself has a business in United Aarab Emirates (UAE) and he frequently visits the Middle East.

Police had lodged an FIR in the case on the complaint of Muhammad Irfan, Asma’s brother.

A special investigation team has also been formed under the supervision of Kohat DPO to investigate the murder.

Earlier on Monday, KP Assembly passed a resolution condemning the killing.


Sofia Rani, the sister of murdered Kohat medical student Asma Rani, on Tuesday appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, army chief and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to get her family protection.

She said that Mujahid Afridi must be brought back from Saudi Arabia and her family in Kohat must be provided protection because Mujahid Afridi’s family is influential and powerful.

Sofia told Geo News that both the KP police and PTI’s Kohat chapter president Aftab Alam knew about the life threats being given to her sister by his nephew, but turned a blind eye to the matter.

In addition, Sofia said that her sister faced persistently planned harassment and threats from Mujahid Afridi, but their pleas were ignored despite the fact that every member of the family had spoken to Aftab Alam, begging for his help at least three times.

“Mujahid Afridi came to our house and issued threats to me, my family and my sister. We informed the police about these threats but no action was taken because he belongs to a rich family and we are a poor family. I have heard that policemen have been talking how rich Mujahid Afridi is,” Sofia said, adding that the “Tabdeeli” slogan by the PTI is nothing but a slogan, and KP police take action only against poor people who have no clout and resources.

She stated that the KP police could have arrested the murderer if they had wanted to, however, they let him slip out of the country despite the fact that her sister had named Mujahid Afridi as the shooter.

“I asked Asma to speak to Aftab Alam and tell him what his nephew was doing. She told him who her killer was and she never recovered after that. Aftab Alam should have asked the hospital staff if she spoke after that or not,” said Sofia.

“The police had 6 hours to act before Afridi took a flight to Saudi. The name of the killer was known but no action was taken,” lamented the sister of the murdered girl.

“Asma told me that Mujahid Afridi harassed, chased and terrorised her. She told Aftab Alam she faced death threats from his nephew, told him she didn’t want to marry him. I got a number of Mujahid Afridi and his family and from London, I called them and requested them to stop harassing my sister. Instead, they threatened to harm me in London and told me not to interfere,” she added.

“My sister told Aftab Alam that his nephew will kill her but he didn’t move,” she said. “Asma told how she was going to Abbottabad one day when Mujahid Afridi made attempt on her on the way and snatched her purse. We told Aftab Alam but we didn’t get a response. My mum even spoke to a police officer. We didn’t know she will be killed. We could never think that Asma will be killed in the cruellest manner in front of our family home.”

“She wanted to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor, she had big plans; she dreamt for us too and wanted to come to the UK for specialisation after getting a medical degree. She didn’t want to get married,” she stated.

Sofia concluded by saying that her sister’s murder was not just pre-planned but also supported as he had a Saudi visa ready for him as an escape route after committing the crime.

Sofia said: “We voted for Imran Khan because we thought he’s our Pashtun brother and he will do something for us but he has done nothing. Look at what happened to Naqeeb and then to my sister. If these leaders can’t give us justice, they shouldn’t ask for our votes.”