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From grass to glass: Nestlé launches book narrating story of milk in Pakistan

LAHORE: Nestlé Pakistan on Wednesday launched a book narrating the story of milk in the country titled ‘Drop of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan’ and the book-launch was followed by a photographic exhibition that was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Switzerland to Pakistan Thomas Kolly in an impressive ceremony held at Alhamra.

Speaking on the occasion, Kolly said that he has visited the Nestlé plant in Switzerland that is the Nestlé headquarters, and found it very impressive that they meet all the standards of high quality and social responsibility. He said that Switzerland was a poor country till the 20th century, but then it started focusing on the milk industry and now Switzerland falls in the list of developed countries.

‘Drop of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan’ by Markings Publishing, is a beautifully photographed book that sheds light on the history and journey of Pakistan’s packaged milk sector. Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producing country in the world with dairy and livestock’s contribution to the national GDP at a staggering 11%.

The book narrates the ages-old story of the country experiencing a great surge of urbanisation and farmers becoming more innovative in distributing milk to the densely populated areas with the help of mobile milk collectors (dodhis). During the early 80s, the government of Pakistan introduced favourable policies to fuel the growth of dairy and packaged milk industry. Following this, in 1988, Nestlé partnered with MILKPAK Ltd to revolutionise the dairy industry in liquid and powder milk as we know it today.

Commenting on the significance of the packaged dairy industry, Bruno Olierhoek, CEO Nestlé Pakistan said, “Apart from tracing the dairy trail and the packaged milk industry in Pakistan, the coffee table book also features an insight from those associated with the country’s dairy sector over the years. We hope this book goes a long way in adding to the readers’ knowledge of the evolution of packaged milk, both liquid and powder in Pakistan”.

Kiran Aman, Markings CEO said, “The book by Nestlé showcases the growth of packaged milk in the dairy sector, the potential we have, and the room for so much more to happen in future.” She said that we often disregard where packaged milk comes from and how it reaches us, therefore, Drops of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan takes us behind the scenes and uncovers the entire journey from the cow to the consumer.

An overview of the complete process of milk – from grass until it reaches the glass – has been gracefully presented in the book that also sheds light on the dynamic history of Pakistan’s dairy sector.

Philanthropist and founder of Packages Ltd Syed Babar Ali on the occasion said that 90 percent of the milk in Pakistan is collected from small farmers and Nestlé Pakistan is rigorously imparting training to these farmers in order to maximise the production of milk.

The farmer is the most integral part of the supply-chain of milk and therefore Nestlé gives more significance to them and trains them to keep their animals healthy, he added.

The event was moderated by Adeel Hashmi while a large number of notables and Nestlé officials also attended the ceremony.

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    Good story to promote Nestle’s milk sale. Will read the book if can fetch one. May be it is not about the ‘tea whitener’ like classified the Apex Court about the milk sold to public in Pakistan.

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