Ajoka theatre presents new play ‘Charing Cross’


LAHORE: Ajoka theatre on Wednesday presented its new political play titled “Charing Cross” in the jam-packed Alhamra Hall and enthralled the audience. A spectacular musical epic primarily based on the major political and social changes in Pakistan’s landscape with Lahore’s Charing Cross as a witness was the hallmark of the play.

The play is written and directed by Ajoka’s executive director Shahid Nadeem. Creative choreographer Wahab Shah has choreographed the dances while the music has been composed by M Aslam. The set has been designed by NCA’s Aqeel Kazmi.

Speaking about the play, Shahid Nadeem said that the play is not just about the place called Charing Cross (unsuccessfully renamed to Faisal Chowk), but about Lahore and broadly about Pakistan as well. The play takes its audience on a whirlwind journey into Pakistan’s political history and enables them to experience the major events, the stories of shattered dreams and undying hope. It is a salute to the resilient and optimistic spirit of the people. The production reflects this spirit through songs, dances and humour while narrating grim and sorrowful tales, something which Ajoka has attempted to do over the past 33 years, he concluded.

The play features new talent besides Ajoka’s regular performing troupe. It also carries some soul-stirring songs and famous poetry penned by literary giants of the era. The cast includes Arshad Durrani, Usman Raaj, Sohail Tariq, Mohammad Qaiser, Muzammil Shabbir, Hina Tariq and Nabeel Butt. Among the newcomers are Mehreen, Kanwal, Muniba, Fahad, Imran and Asad.

The play is being presented in collaboration with the Lahore Arts Council and will also be staged on Thursday (today). It will also travel to other cities later.