Naqeeb case: Two deceased belong to Bahawalpur


BAHAWALPUR: Two families from Uch Sharif have claimed that their beloved ones were arrested by the police 15 months ago and were later allegedly killed in a police encounter carried out by police officer Rao Anwar in Karachi, the same encounter in which Naqeebullah Mehsood was also killed.

The brothers of victim Ishaq and the father of another dead, Sabir approached Bahawalpur-based journalists and narrated that the senior police official of Karachi Police, Rao Anwar murdered their loved ones in the same fake police encounter in which Naqeebullah, a man hailing from the Mehsood tribe of Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), was shot dead.

The brothers and relatives of Ishaq including Yousuf, Ibrahim and Zakariya and Sabir’s father who introduced himself as Muhammad Bakhsh told media persons that their family members were innocent and were never involved in crime.

“Both, Ishaq and Sabir, the residents of Lang village, Uch Sharif in Bahawalpur never indulged in any type of crime and you can get evidence of their character from people of the area,” they said.

They said that police nabbed both the men around 15 months back without apprising the details to the families.

“We were not aware why Ishaq and Sabir were taken away by law enforcers,” they said. “The police personnel conducted a search of our houses besides digging up our courtyard but they could not find any illegal item,” they stated adding that after conducting the search, police took away Ishaq and Sabir and later they found out through electronic media that the two were killed in a police encounter in Karachi.

Muhammad Bakhsh demanded the provincial government to lodge an FIR against Rao Anwar and other police personnel in his team for killing his son.

The brothers of Ishaq also appealed to the concerned authorities to ensure the provision of justice to them.