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Kate Winslet regrets working with ‘certain men of power’ while Diane Keaton defends Woody Allen

Actor Kate Winslet said she has bitter regrets over her decision to work with certain “men of power”. The actor won an Oscar for Harvey Weinstein produced film, The Reader, worked with Rowan Polanski in Carnage and Woody Allen in Wonder Wheel.

Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and in some cases of rape by multiple women in Hollywood. Allegations against him have been the catalyst for the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

Polanski was charged with drugging and raping a 13-year- old girl and fled the US while Allen’s adopted daughter with Mia Farrow has accused him of sexual assault while she was a child. She spoke out against Allen again in a recent TV interview.

Speaking at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards, where she was honoured with Dilys Powell Award for excellence in film, Winslet said, “There are directors, producers and men of power who have for decades been awarded and applauded for their highly regarded work by both this industry and moviegoers alike. Indeed, many actors have had flourishing careers due in part to roles played in their films. The message we received for years was that it was the highest compliment to be offered roles by these men.”

Winslet speaking at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

According to the Telegraph, Winslet said she decided to speak out as staying silent was no longer an option for her. “As women around the world and from all walks of life marched last weekend, once again joining together to speak out about harassment, exploitation and abuse, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to stand here this evening and keep to myself some bitter regrets that I have at poor decisions to work with individuals with whom I wish I had not,” she added without naming anyone in particular.

Winslet, who received the award from Jude Law, became emotional and stopped midway. She continued after regaining her composure. “It has become clear to me that by not saying anything I might be adding to the anguish of many courageous women and men. Sexual abuse is a crime. While it rests with the rule of law to pass judgment, it lies with all of us to listen to the smallest of voices, and to never stop listening. Also those who do have a voice are becoming afraid to say anything because of intense scrutiny and criticism,” she said.

However, on the other hand, veteran actor Diane Keaton is supporting her long-time friend Woody Allen as more and more stars have started to denounce the veteran filmmaker after sexual misconduct allegations made against him by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.

In a tweet, the 72-year-old actor wrote, “Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him. It might be of interest to take a look at the 60 Minute interview from 1992 and see what you think.”

She also shared a decade old interview in her tweet, in which Woody can be seen denying Farrow’s claims, which have surfaced in light of the ‘Me Too’ movement.

Her statement comes at a time when stars who have worked with the director, such as Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Hall, pledged to donate their salaries from their work on Allen films to charity in light of the re-emergence of sexual abuse claims.

Since then, other than Winslet, stars, including Colin Firth, Greta Gerwig and Mira Sorvino, have also shared that they “regret” working with the director. Firth, in an interview given to The Guardian, even went ahead and said that he would never work with him again.

Meanwhile, Gerwig, who worked with Allen on 2012’s To Rome with Love, told New York Times, “I can only speak for myself and what I’ve come to is this: If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film.”

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