Higher education reforms body concerned on appointment of Dr Asim as SHEC chairperson


ISLAMABAD: Showing serious concerns over recent re-appointment of Dr Asim Hussain as Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC) chairperson, the working group on higher education reforms has demanded the fresh appointment of new SHEC chief through a transparent and merit-based competitive process.

The working group said that after the 18th amendment, higher education has become a provincial subject, therefore, it is the duty of the respective provincial governments to cater the growing needs of universities in an effective way.

It would only be possible if transparency and merit-based appointments are ensured, and ad-hoc culture and extensions are discouraged both by respective provincial and federal governments.

They also demanded Sindh chief minister to appoint academicians at key posts in SHEC through merit-based selection process so that the body can play its facilitative and supportive role for improving the state of higher education in the province. It also emphasised over the establishment of inter-provincial higher education forum to share expertise and experience in higher education sector.