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PML-N tenure most transparent in country’s history: Shehbaz

  • Defeated elements set records of falsehood, mendacity and U-turns, says Shehbaz

  • Says so-called claimant of change continuously lied to people, levelled baseless allegations

  • Will retrieve looted money of nation if back in power after 2018 elections, says the chief minister


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said that the four and a half years tenure of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government is filled with records of public service, honesty and hard work. There is no doubt that PML-N’s tenure is the most transparent in the 70 years history of the country, he said.

We have set records of public service while on the other side, the defeated elements have set records of falsehood, mendacity and u-turns, said the chief minister. The leader of the sit-ins group has spoiled his credibility in the public by telling lies at every occasion. The one who performed the worst in his province should realise the facts now. The so-called claimant of change remained continuously indulged in criticism for the sake of baseless allegations. One has to spend a lifetime to serve the masses and the process of change cannot be ensured through hollow-sloganeering and consistent public service is required for bringing change at the grassroots level, he added.

Speaking further while addressing a delegation of the PML-N which had called on him, the chief minister said that the country’s economy was ruined during previous tenures due to the energy crisis, and the industrial and agricultural sectors were also devastated due to the negligence and inefficiency of the past rulers. During the previous tenure of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), national resources were looted ruthlessly by rulers who were drenched in corruption.

On one side there are the rulers of the past who are identified for looting and plundering, and on the other side, there are the defeated elements who have a habit of telling lies. The defeated elements, as well as the plunderers, cannot meet our records of public service and prodigious performance.

He said that the politician who is the so-called claimant of change continuously lied to the people, levelled baseless allegations and remained engrossed in sit-ins and lockdowns while the ruling PML-N served the masses and removed the darkness of load-shedding from the country.

Those who have played politics of allegations, hypocrisy and falsehood have no right to represent the public. He said that public welfare projects have been completed with hard work and national resources have been utilised for the welfare of the masses by treating them as a sacred trust of the people. In fact, said CM Shehbaz, we have set records of public service during every tenure. The Punjab government has taken revolutionary steps for the betterment of different sectors including healthcare and education.

Our every step is aimed at bringing prosperity and it is noteworthy that thousands of people use the metro bus service for reaching their destinations on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the orange line metro train project is nearing completion. It is sanguine that billions of rupees have been saved by promoting transparency in development projects. He said that instead of succumbing to any false political style, the PML-N government has set new records of public service.

The chief minister said that the elements involved in negative politics, sit-ins and falsehood are now afraid to face the public because they know the people will hold them accountable for their doings. He said that the elements creating hurdles in the way of national development will be fully countered. If an opportunity is accorded to serve the people again after the 2018 elections, the looted money of the nation will be retrieved. When others are defeated in the upcoming general elections with the support of the public, the PML-N will further expedite the journey of public service with renewed vigor, concluded the chief minister.

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