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Australia gets a blast of bhangra!

The weekend saw the desis in Australia get a blast of bhangra as internationally acclaimed Indo-Pakistan music duo, JoSH, took to the stage in Melbourne and Sydney and belted out some of their most powerful Punjabi hits.

Music duo, Qurram Hussain and Rup Magon performed live with a talented band called The Fifths.

Toronto-based YouTube sensation Shobhit Banwait also accompanied JoSH on their tour, giving a special touch to the band’s tracks with his mesmerizing tabla beats.

Considering the band’s energy, which is alien to none, both the concerts, especially the one in Sydney concert, boasted full-houses. Pakistani and Indian fans crowded the venue where the band played their own hits and crooned some Bollywood numbers the from 1990s and 80s including Ole Ole.

Addressing a pre-concert press conference earlier in Sydney, Qurram said that Australia tour was special in many aspects as this was JoSH’s first tour their and because they were performing with a team of very talented musicians.

When asked whether JoSH started as Indo-Pakistan music band, Qurram said “though we love to take the full credit, but quite honestly, not. Rup and I met in a college bus in Montreal. There weren’t many desis in the city at that time and when you met someone of your own skin tone, you immediately talk to them. But above all, we found musicians in each other.”

Responding to the same question, Rup Magon said that it had never mattered to them that he was an Indian and Qurram a Pakistani. “Understandably, in the eyes of the world, it is a sign of unity. But one thing we can say for sure after travelling back and forth the border, there is unity and love among the people. Sure there are fanatics and misinformed individuals that are perhaps not entirely in love with the other side, but we believe that love and music can ultimately change that.”

Talking about their personal JoSH favorites, Rup said Qurram always had a major connection to Kabhi. “It was one of his first hit compositions and will always be our baby. However, for me, Mausam is a favourite as well,” he added.

The music duo also announced that they were working on their fifth album and would release a music video from it very soon.

Tabla player Shobhit Banwait, who was also present at the press conference said that he was a big fan of JoSH’s music, so it was an honour for him to share the stage with them.

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