ICT teams impose over Rs1.6 million fine on profiteers in three months


ISLAMABAD: The checking teams of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration, formed to check prices of fruits and vegetables and display of rate list at shops, have imposed fine of Rs1,615,300 on profiteers during last three months.

The raiding teams, comprising assistant commissioners/magistrates, have been constituted to check prices and impose fines on those involved in overcharging under Price Control Act-1977.

Official sources on Sunday said that steps have been taken to check increasing prices of vegetables and edible items, and these included establishment of a market committee under Agriculture Produce Markets Ordinance 2011 to regulate the functioning of fruit/vegetable markets.

The market committee is monitoring auction of consumer items and checking wholesale prices, while meetings are also being held with traders under the chairmanship of deputy commissioner to persuade them for filling the gap between demand and supply.

The meeting of district price control committee is also held regularly to review and fix prices of consumer items like pulses, meat, milk etc.

Sources said that the market committee is persuading traders to bring maximum vegetables for auction in order to frustrate the profiteering of any kind.

The prices of fruit and vegetables are fixed on a daily basis and distributed to shopkeepers of urban and rural areas for strict implementation.