Karachi authorities fail to reclaim property despite deadline


KARACHI: Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) have failed to get the illegally occupied welfare plots evacuated before the deadline given by the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court had given KDA, KMC, and Deputy Commissioners 60-day time to have the 35,000 welfare plots evacuated. With 4 days to go before the deadline ends, authorities have only managed to have less than 5 percent of the plots evacuated.

According to the report expected to be submitted before the Supreme Court, KDA managed to have only 655 plots evacuated. In north Karachi, 239 plots, 237 plots in Sarjani, and 87 plots in Gulistan e Jauhar have been reclaimed from illegal occupation.

As a result of the operation conducted against encroachments, 190 shops, 144 marriage halls, 103 houses, along with offices, farmhouses and hospitals have been demolished by KMC and KDA.