Iran says seized bombs, explosives with “Saudi Arabia behind smuggling” | Pakistan Today

Iran says seized bombs, explosives with “Saudi Arabia behind smuggling”

Iranian intelligence forces have seized consignments of bombs and explosives with Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services behind the smuggling into the country, local media reported on Thursday.

The bombs and explosives were smuggled into the country from eastern and western borders, Intelligence Ministry made the announcement on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services were behind the smuggling of explosive devices from eastern borders, Tasnim news agency quoted the ministry’s statement as saying.

The two caches of explosives and ammunition were to be used for terrorist attacks in public places in the country, the statement said.

In the first operation, the security forces confiscated a consignment of 23 remote-controlled bombs, smuggled from east of Iran under the supervision of Saudi intelligence services, for the purpose of creating insecurity in Iran’s eastern provinces, it said.

The second haul of explosives was captured by the intelligence forces in the city of Marivan in the western province of Kordestan from a separatist terrorist group whose elements had crossed the border from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in order to carry out attacks in Iran.

According to the statement, the second cache included bomb-making equipment, TNT, C4, explosive kits, electronic detonators, grenades, AK-47 magazines, rocket-propelled grenades, and several assault rifles.