Badin municipal committee officials accused of selling water at inflated price


BADIN: Badin Municipal Committee official administrators on Thursday were accused of misappropriating millions in funds given for cleaning the ponds and also for selling drinking water to the residents at an inflated rate.

Badin elected representatives as well as the Deputy Commissioner also alleged the municipal officials of embezzlement in the funds of and warned the chief municipal officer for his negligence and directed him to take an immediate action stop the alleged corruption.

Badin district council members also during the recent session of the council leveled similar accusations against the municipal staff and municipal officers adding that they were selling the water tankers in Rs1500 to 2000 to elected representatives and Rs2500 to 3000 to the common citizens. They called it a gross violation of the rights of the residents of Badin.

Elected representatives of the municipal committee also staged a protest and outside Badin Press Club for the free and easy provision of the water to the citizens.