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IG directs police officials to sign affidavits about dual nationality

KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) AD Khawaja on Wednesday directed all the police officials of Sindh to sign an affidavit (or certificate) about their citizenship with an aim to restrain senior police officer from holding dual nationality and maintaining direct contact with foreign officials and nationals.

According to the sources, the IGP issued a letter directing all the police officers to submit an affidavit about dual citizenship they may possess. All Additional IGPs of Sindh, Chairman, Anti-Corruption officers, all Deputy Inspector-General Police (DIGPs), Capital Chief Police Officer (CCPO) and all Senior Superintendent Police (SSPs) in Sindh and all SSPs in Sindh have been instructed to sign affidavits.

The decision was made after the intelligence agencies had pointed out the direct contact of police officers with the foreign officials and nationals, sources said.

“I am directed to enclose herewith a format of the certificate which is required to be filed by all the Police Officers of BS-17 to BS-21 serving in Government of Sindh.

“It is therefore required that the requisite certificate may please be filled in all respects by all police officers of BS-17 and above and furnish the details at the earliest”, the letter added.

According to sources, the law enforcement agencies have suggested that a code of conduct be worked out on direct contact of government functionaries, especially police officers, with foreigners should be introduced and implemented including an inspection of any possible dual nationality of government officials and police officers.

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