Mumbai restaurant introduces biryani dish inspired by Anil Kapoor in ‘Ram Lakhan’


Bollywood celebrities usually tend to provide people with a whole lot of inspiration and fans are always willing to go the extra mile to impress their favourite Bollywood stars and catching their attention.

A restaurant in Mumbai by the name Bhindi Bazaar where people have been enjoying Sanju Baba chicken for decades has introduced a new dish called lakhan jhakkas biryani inspired by Anil’s role in the film Ram Lakhan.

The dish was introduced in the restaurant’s New Year menu and apparently, the recipe was shared by Anil’s former chef.

A source revealed, “The chef had mastered this dish. The chicken is cooked in garam masala. The spices are understated, and the chillies are infused in the marination itself.”

When asked about the same to Anil, the actor said, “I’ve heard about this dish. The news left me surprised. I am happy that the character is much loved.”


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