Islamabad united are up to date with payments with PCB


LAHORE: Leonine Global Sports (LGS), the owners of Islamabad United announced on Monday that they are up-to-date with all the payments and have no liabilities as far as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Pakistan Super League (PSL) or any other franchise-related finances are concerned.

“The franchise Islamabad United and the parent company LGS aim to uphold the highest levels of corporate governance and achieve that while going forward,” said a spokesman of Islamabad united.

“Islamabad United will continue to work with PCB and all other related parties to deliver a very successful and enjoyable PSL 3 for its fan base”, he added.

He said there have been speculations in the media regarding finances of various franchises involved in PSL and termed them a baseless propaganda.

He also said that the preparation for the third edition of the HBL PSL was currently underway and going smoothly.

With the tournament exactly a month away, the inaugural champions of Pakistan’s premier cricket tournament are in the process of laying the groundwork for their success on the field. The franchise has a number of exciting activities planned which will be announced starting this week.

Islamabad United is one of the six franchise teams in PSL and the winner of the first season. The franchise believes in bringing a change in Pakistani sports with the introduction of international standards of practice and a commitment to continuous progress.