Residents of railway quarters deprived of basic facilities


LAHORE: Owing to the negligence of the railway authorities, the century-old railway quarters have transformed into a wreck.

The deprivation of basic facilities including gas, sewage treatment and streetlights at the quarters has added to the ordeal of the employees who live there.

While the lack of sewage treatment is leading to pools of filthy water spread all across the quarters and consequently, the residents being smitten with fatal diseases, the incomplete construction works have added to the difficulties faced by the people.

Although maintenance funds are being released, no renovations are being carried out. With the roofs of the quarters structurally deteriorating years ago, the lives of the families living underneath are at risk ever since and the authorities, on the other hand, have done nothing to prevent any untoward situation.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, the residents of the quarters said that it has been a hundred years since the railway quarters were established, but the residents are still deprived of basic facilities. Neither have we been provided with gas nor streetlights, they said while adding that no renovation works being carried out for the uplifting of the quarters along with the lack of a proper sewage system have added to the problems faced by them.

“We are bound to live here because we cannot afford to live in a better housing society,” said a resident.

“I appeal to the government to introduce a strategic plan for the restoration works of our quarters and to also provide us with better security facilities,” he added.

The railway’s spokesperson was tried to be reached for a comment, but he was unavailable.