Four policemen suspended after they humiliate citizen in Lahore


LAHORE: Four personnel of the Lahore Police on Saturday were suspended after they forced a citizen to remove his clothes on the pretext of inspection.

After taking notice of the incident, the DIG Operations ordered an inquiry along with the suspension of the police personnel involved in the incident.

The police personnel were deployed in the city when they ordered the citizen, Muzzaffar, to remove his clothes after they pulled him over.

According to Muzaffar, he was passing by Haji Camp with his son when PRU (Police Response Unit) personnel stopped him and made him take off his clothes. He added the personnel included sub-inspector Ayub.

The citizen also requested the chief minister to take notice of the incident as it was tantamount to torturing a citizen.



  1. Suspension of policemen should become a ritual. Rather SP should create a hotline for complaint registration against p1gs in black.

  2. You all think the suspension would make a difference? 1. They are suspended with pay 2. They are reinstated after a month or two! Even the IG cannot punish them because tribunals of courts will restore them. Even after a long enquiry and being chargesheeted the corrupt police men cannot be removed since their jobs are regularised. All jobs should become contract based so everyone thinks twice before such corrupt acts

    • Corruption, where exist not,? Unfortunately, there is everywhere, what is sad is that in most cases, pay the innocent people ,kids, adolescents etc
      May Allah keep u safe and blessed

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