Cine Gold Plex – A luxurious cinema experience


For a regular cinema-goer, the most important thing is a comfortable cinema experience. Having lived most of my life in the Middle East, I have been exposed to that sort of comfort and luxury every time I went to watch a movie.

We all know that the cinema culture is never going out of fashion, at least not in Pakistan because of the ever-growing industry here, which is why one needs to make sure that the cinemas in the country are the best of the best. I recently paid a visit to the most-talked-about Cine Gold Plex in Bahria Town, Lahore that opened up recently.

Though, its located on the other end of Lahore, its safe to say that the long drive was worth it. The ambiance as soon as you enter is that of a 5-star hotel.

It is not only well maintained but it provides an ultimate luxurious cinema experience that you have to experience firsthand. Their next best thing is the gold lounge which gives the feel of entering a mansion at first. It is equipped with around 96 ‘lazyboy’ recliners with a separate box office area and a separate sound system.

It also gives enough leg space for you to open the recliner and still have space for people to pass by.

Similarly, the red lounge does not compromise on the comfort and quality; thus provides the same experience as that of a gold lounge. Not only that, the picture quality is not grainy and the surround sound system provides an interesting cinematic experience, especially if you are there for a horror movie.

We all know that food and snacks are essential whenever people plan a trip to the cinema. However, what sets Cinegold Plex apart from the others is a restaurant area within the premises.

It is exactly like a trip to the mall, except it is all about movies. Their restaurant is on the first floor, with a relaxing sitting area and a full menu of delicious food. So, you can stop for a proper meal either before the movie, or after. The ambiance and lighting is great and despite being a multiplex cinema, it does not compromise on the quality of food. From pastas to steaks, from burgers to paninis, they variety is brilliant; and that too in a cinema.

Would like to give special mention to the staff: whether you are sitting in the VIP boxes or the gold/red lounge, the staff is at the top with their services.

If you plan a visit to Bahria Town, don’t forget to stop at the cinema for a whole new cinema experience in Pakistan.