US town mayor to visit Pakistan in March


CHICAGO: The mayor of Bolingbrook, a suburb of the United States (US) city of Chicago, will pay a goodwill visit to Pakistan in March, it was announced Thursday.

During his visit, Mayor Roger Claar, who will be accompanied by a business delegation, is set to make a trip to Sialkot, a city with which Bolingbrook has Sister City Agreement since July 2017. Mayor Claar made the announcement of his trip to Pakistan at the annual lunch that he hosted— which was attended by more than 600 guests, including a large number of CEOs of leading US-based businesses, elected officials and members of Consular Corps.

Pakistan Consul General Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, who was among the guests, told reporters at the event that Sialkot and Bolingbrook are set to start a new era of people-to-people and business-to-business relations between Pakistan and the US.

Mayor Claar also displayed Sialkot-made products sent to him by the mayor of Sialkot as well as by the President Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These products included footballs used in the last Football World Cup.

Bolingbrook has been hosting Pakistan’s Independence Day celebration events for the last 26 years. The Pakistani flag hoisting ceremony and the gala event hosted by the Association of Pakistani-Americans of Bolingbrook was attended by over 18,000 people in August 2017.