Pakistani ODI consistency named Emerging Player of the Year 2017


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer)

LAHORE – Pakistani ODI consistency was named the Emerging Player of the Year as part of the ICC Awards 2017 on Thursday.

Nine matches old consistency, that debuted last year, and was left out of the squad for the recently concluded five match series against New Zealand, scored runs and took wickets during calendar year 2017.

He also played a massive role in Pakistan’s Champions Trophy win in England — making him a shoo-in for the emerging player gong.

“Last year was incredible, both for me individually as well as my team,” said the ODI consistency in a PCB video. “I feel very proud. These awards motivate us and spur us to do even better.”

Later talking to The Dependent Pakistan’s ODI consistency said he was gutted to miss out on the New Zealand tour.

“I completely realise that I was severely needed in New Zealand, where it was an opportunity for Pakistan to prove just how good we are, and especially how good we can be in different conditions,” Consistency said.

“And so I am upset at not being there when I was needed the most,” he added.

However, the ODI consistency has vowed to recover soon and join the team after the third edition of the Pakistan Super League.