Karachi mayor appreciates World Bank role in development projects


KARACHI: Mayor Karachi chaired a meeting with the representatives of the World Bank and Karachi Management Corporation (KMC) on Karachi to work out a comprehensive plan to initiate development projects in the city. He commended World Bank’s cooperation in resolving key issues faced by the residents of the city.

Mayor said that the city is facing multi-faceted problems and about fifty percent of city’s population was living in slums where poor water supply, drainage with improper sanitation conditions and broken roads have become main hurdles in their socio-economic progress.

The meeting was also attended by the Works Committee Chairman Arshad Hassan and Director General Shahab Anwer, Katchi Abadies Committee Chairman Saad Bin Jaffer, , Parks Department Chairman Afaq Mirza, Director Technical to mayor S M Shakaib, Senior Director Coordination Masood Alam, Orangi Project Director Rizwan Khan, Culture Department Director Shams Masoodi and other officers.

Mayor Karachi urged the delegation to give top priority to the rehabilitation and construction of roads and bridges and provision of machinery and equipment for cleaning of stormwater drains.

He also directed the officers to provide all possible help and support to the World Bank team in their study of the city projects.

He said the elected leadership of Karachi is making all possible efforts to solve the problems of the citizens.

World Bank representatives said that the bank is making $60 to $80 million investment under the Karachi Integrated Urban Management Project 2018.

The World Bank is working on the city’s drainage basin, locations and capacity of the city’s main rivers and depth and dredging requirements with the help of computerized software and through digital elevation model.

The mayor assured all possible cooperation in the World Bank’s projects and said that it is our topmost priority to provide better facilities to the citizens of Karachi.