Baloch activist Qadeer claims Iranian militant outfit abducted Jadhav, sold him to ISI


Baloch activist Qadeer Baloch, who also goes by the name of Mama Qadeer, has endorsed India’s narrative about condemned RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav, claiming that the spy was kidnapped in Iran and that he was convicted without evidence.

In an interview with Indian news channel CNN-News18, Baloch claimed that an Iranian cleric Mulla Umer Balochi Irani had kidnapped Jadhav and sold him to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for Rs 40-50 million.

Baloch claimed that the source of this information was the activists of ‘Voice for Missing Balochs’ — an organisation of which he is the vice president — who he claimed witnessed the kidnapping.

Abdul Qadeer AKA Mama Qadeer, the vice president of the VMBP led a long march on foot from Quetta to Islamabad in 2013 to raise awareness about human rights violations in Balochistan and demand the recovery of missing Baloch

“Jadhav was not a spy, he never entered Balochistan,” the channel quoted Baloch as saying.

According to Qadeer, Jadhav was kidnapped by the Jaish-ul-Adl group from Gold Smit Border at Sarbaaz in Iran, 52 kilometres from the port city of Chabahar. “Jaish-ul-Adl is on the Pakistan Army’s payroll,” he alleged.

Qadeer also claimed that Jadhav was called to Sarbaaz by a business group, which was working for Jaish-ul-Adl, adding that Mullah Omar Irani was a functionary of the outfit.

The channel said that India’s External Affair Ministry has sought the transcript of Qadeer Baloch’s interview.

Jadhav, a serving officer of the India Navy, was caught in Balochistan in 2016. He confessed to his involvement in several acts of terrorism in Pakistan. He was tried by a military court, which convicted him of spying and committing terrorism and awarded him the death penalty.

The Indian government has taken the matter to the International Court of Justice, which has stayed the execution of Jadhav until his case is decided.



  1. Your comment…How much did you get from India for saying like this O Qadeer Baloch! You Bloody Indian Spy! You were also bought by India.

  2. Take my word guys. Jadhav will not be harmed by Pakistan. Every one knows at this stage in game that means war with India. In fact Modi will use this opportunity to launch major surgical strike on Pakistan on sea and land. He will get massive returns in 2019 election. In fact he will also kill few hundred Indian Muslims just to spice up the election. Modi will also ban Pak airlines to fly over India. Stop all trade across LOC especially in Kashmir. Send back Pak ambassador from New Delhi. He will use all that convince International community to isolate and pressure Pakistan. With weak government at the moment in Pakistan and very weak and fragile economy Pakistan will crumble with all that pressure. Will that bring back Army rule in Pakistan? Banana republic under the control of China?

    • There is no need to harm him. It’s better to keep him alive for some reasons. Modi can do whatever he wants to but we will take off him choorri daar pyjama.

  3. This pap-er needs to be closed down immediately with its editor hanging high. These balochs speak the language of India. India admitted already that jadhav was a spy operating inside Pakistan.

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