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Punjab CM pays surprise visit to burn unit of Jinnah Hospital

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif paid a surprise visit to burn unit of Jinnah Hospital on Thursday and inspected the medical facilities provided to the patients there.

He enquired after the health of the patients and the quality of facilities provided to them and took a tour of the ICU as well.

While talking to the media, he said that a state-of-the-art burns unit has been set up in the hospital and he has been happy to see the neat and clean atmosphere around. “Best equipment, as well as trained staff, is present to serve the patients,” he said.

He went on to say that a state-of-the-art surgical tower has been set up at Mayo Hospital which will be fully operationalised in next two weeks, and latest machinery has been installed in the surgical tower. He added that the burns units have been set up in Faisalabad and Multan, and it has been decided to establish two more such units.

He reiterated that provision of quality healthcare facilities to the people is his mission and every possible resource are being utilised to achieve this goal.

Replying to different questions of the media, he said that a drama was staged in the name of political gathering in Lahore on Wednesday in which heads of the political parties from across the country took part and they were all guests of Dr Tahirul Qadri. “The real objective of the protest drama was not to seek my resignation, but it was actually aimed at targeting the development projects,” he added.

“The architects of this drama are not opposing me but are, in fact, opposing these public welfare schemes. These elements have failed to perform in their provinces during the last four-and-a-half years,” Shehbaz said.

“When dengue attacked Peshawar, we did not stage the sit-in drama and instead sent a medical team there to treat the patients,” the chief minister said, adding that medicines were also sent and Imran Khan escaped to the mountains due to the fear of dengue. He further said that “we are providing high-quality medicines to the patients in public sector hospitals.”

On a question about a summon issued by NAB, the chief minister said that if NAB or any other body could prove corruption of even a single penny during his three tenures, then he shall be fully answerable to the people.

Replying to a question, he said that work on Zainab murder case is being done speedily. “There are things which we should not disclose before-time,” CM Shehbaz said, adding that criminals involved in Zainab murder case will be soon under the custody of the law and they will be given exemplary punishment before the whole nation.

In an apparent reference to Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed’s criticism of the parliament, Shehbaz Sharif said that why the elements that criticised the parliament were sitting in it and why they should not resign.

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