Sindh becoming hub of ‘wealthy’ beggars: report | Pakistan Today

Sindh becoming hub of ‘wealthy’ beggars: report

KARACHI: Sindh is becoming the hub of ‘wealthy’ beggars as the rice harvest season approaches the province, according to a report by The Express Tribune.

The ‘beggars’ are arriving in hoards on motorcycles, cars and even mini-jeeps, according to the report. These beggars go from village to village to beg for the harvested grain. Some of the ‘beggars’ reportedly have ‘helpers’ who help them collect the harvest.

According to the Section 7 (1) of the Vagrancy Act 1958, begging is a crime. “The police, without an order from a magistrate and without a warrant, can arrest and search any person who appears to him to be a vagrant.” According to the Sindh Children Act, 1955 children beggars are banned.

A civil society activist, Iqbal Detho told the newspaper that the maximum punishment for children begging forcibly or willingly is one year with a fine.

Detho further said that the previous modes of transport used by these ‘wealthy beggars,’ like donkey carts and horse carriages have now been replaced by jeeps and cars so that they can easily travel to the province when the harvest season is around the corner.

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