E&T’s negligence: Thousands left deprived of vehicle’s registration documents


LAHORE: Owing to the negligence of the department of excise and taxation Faridkot House Region C’s record room where the documents of old cars are being given into unsafe hands, thousands of old car owners have been left deprived of their vehicles’ original files. The Region C director, on the other hand, has so far done nothing to stop the corruption that prevails in the department.

According to sources, in accordance with the laws of the excise department, the records of the vehicles used to be kept safe in the record room earlier, but in the year 2000, the laws were amended to put an end to the incidents of the files being stolen, and the process of the original documents being handed over to the owners was introduced.

While this process has continued ever since the records older than the constitution of this law are still in the excise department’s custody and are under the control of private agents. Similarly, private agents have also been deployed to take care of the motor branch’s record room. All the agents have been hired with the collusion of the excise department’s officials. Among the agents because of whom thousands of car owners have lost the original documents of their vehicles are Nasrullah, Ashraf, Wajid, Waseem, Yasir, Saleem and Shahid.

Sources claim that the people have lost their files because the agents while trying to earn a daily wage sell the documents to the owners and those who do not pay them, after months of visiting the department, are told that their files have been lost.

While the despondent, fed up of the corruption and looting of the private agents, have registered complaints with the Motor Registration Authority (MRA) and Region C director multiple times, no actions were taken.

According to a despondent, Amjad, it has been three months since he has been demanding his vehicle’s registration documents, but has not yet been facilitated and is told every time that the file is being searched for.

When the Region C director, Qamar Ul Hassan was inquired about the private agents, he while expressing obliviousness disconnected the call.