11 outlaws held, weapons, narcotics recovered

ISLAMABAD: Police personal standing high alert in front of Faisal Masjid during Eidul Fitr prayers. INP PHOTO by Sulaman Choudhry

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police arrested 11 outlaws, recovered arms, drugs and other valuables during separate actions in different areas of the federal capital on Wednesday.

According to an Islamabad police spokesperson, the secretariat police arrested Khalique for having stolen items worth Rs150,000 while sub-inspector Azhar Mehmud of the Bhara Kahu police nabbed a dacoit Sudher besides recovering a 30 bore pistol from him. Sub-inspector Shamas Akbar of the Ramana police arrested Qaisar Mehmud for having 500 grams of hashish while sub-inspector Mansoor Ahmed of the industrial area’s police nabbed Qamar Afzal for possessing a 30 bore pistol.

ASI Muhammad Nawaz of the Noon police station arrested Wasi Abbass and Nadeem Akhtar for having a 30 bore pistol and 12 bore rifles respectively. Sub-inspector Mushtaq Ahmed of the Golra police arrested Nazeer for having 230 grams of heroin while ASI Barkhurdar arrested Suleman Khan for illegally decanting gas in cylinders.

ASI Nadeem Tahir of the Koral police arrested Pervez for illegally selling petroleum products and recovered 200 liters of diesel from him.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad police also arrested two proclaimed offenders wanted for their involvement in crimes of heinous nature.

Separate cases against the detainees were registered at the concerned police stations and investigation was in progress.