‘Hypocrite’ Nisar hits back at ‘habitual sycophant’ Rasheed


ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday lashed out at fellow Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Pervaiz Rasheed as the war of words, which had started over the weekend with the latter’s provocation in a TV interview, refused to die down.

“Pervaiz Rasheed is continuously giving wrong statements and is a habitual sycophant,” Nisar was quoted as saying by his spokesperson. “These are the only two specialties which make him PML-N’s Aristotle.”

Rasheed had claimed that Nisar never won an election without PML-N’s banner — a statement Nisar completely disagreed with, as his spokesperson explained: “Chaudhry Nisar contested the provincial elections of 1985, 1988 and 1990 without PML-N’s electoral symbol of lion, and by the grace of Allah, he won.”

Nisar’s spokesperson also said that the Dawn Leaks committee in its report accused Rasheed of continuously lying and held him responsible for hiding the facts.

He advised Rasheed that instead of making unnecessary public statements, he should urge his government to make the Dawn Leaks report public so that the nation could know the truth.

The two PML-N stalwarts have very rarely seen eye to eye but the recent round of their verbal spat began when Rasheed, over the weekend, called on Nisar to “leave the party”, since he had spoken against it in times of crisis.

He had also accused Nisar of having him “sacked in order to please someone”, a thinly veiled reference to the military establishment.

“If Chaudhry Nisar is a man of principles, he should leave the PML-N. I will speak to the party leadership about a decision in this regard,” Senator Pervaiz Rashid had told a private TV channel.

In response to Rasheed’s remarks, Nisar said that he doesn’t consider it appropriate to respond to a man who is ‘barely in the party’.

“A person who hasn’t contested councillor’s election thinks he ranks highly in the party,” said Nisar, adding that the senator has spent most of his life in ’another party’.

“If the Dawn leaks report is made public then the deeds of the person passing statements will be in front of everyone,” said Chaudhry Nisar.

Earlier during a TV interview with a news channel when Rasheed was asked about his ouster from office, he responded by denying that he was used as a scapegoat saying: “Nawaz Sharif had to take the decision under duress. I know Nawaz was not responsible for my ouster. What he [Nisar] refers to as my ‘doings’ are Pakistan’s national interest,” Rasheed had responded.

On October 29, former premier Nawaz Sharif took back the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage from Pervaiz Rasheed, weeks after the military’s top commanders informed that a ‘false and fabricated’ newspaper report breached national security.


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