Two plazas to be built for parking in Lahore: report


LAHORE: To overcome daily traffic jams and road blockade, City government has planned to construct a multi-storey parking plaza inside Town Hall whereas another parking plaza will be constructed on Hall Road, according to a report by a private media outlet.

Almost every main road of the city is clogged with parked vehicles, which in the present situation can be a very high-security threat as it is impossible for police and law enforcing agencies to check every vehicle in the city. Besides this, on road parked vehicles also slow down the traffic momentum and cause traffic jams, which daily results in serious inconvenience to the citizens.

On the other hand, urban planning experts suggested the city town planners to introduce Geographic Information System (GIS) for evaluating the existing parking problem in the city as this system is being used as a powerful technique for solutions of parking problems in many modern cities.

Lack of professional parking management is another issue, which aggravated the problem as irregular and illegal parking stands can be found on every main road of the city. This also shows the loose grip of civil administration and town planners in the enforcement of rules and regulations.

Urban planning experts are of the view that the city government should communicate to the public through action that it is serious about enforcement of rules and regulations and no one is above the law. They said that the government should work on devising a proper parking management policy.

Recently multi-level parking lifts were introduced in Lahore by the government as well as some private companies. A rotator lift with 12 slots has been installed on Ferozpur Road near Icchra while a total of six such lifts were erected at various other busy spots.