ECP starts round the clock countrywide voter registration drive



ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Monday started reviewing of electoral rolls at the district level in all four provinces and FATA by kicking off door-to-door, round the clock, countrywide voters’ registration campaign.

According to ECP, in the first phase after verification process of electoral rolls, 7,360,279 people will be registered as new voters besides removal of 923,947 deceased persons from the voters’ lists.

The commission said that after completion of the review process, the figure of registered voters is likely to exceed 104 million voters.

It said that out of total 7,360,279 new national identity card holders, the ECP will register 4,072,433 new male voters and 3,287,846 new female voters. It added that the ECP will register 4,113,595 citizens from Punjab, including 2,211,764 male and 1,901,831 female voters.

Furthermore, a total of 1,454,398 new voters will be registered from Sindh, including 867,219 male and 587,179 female voters whereas out of a total of 452, 143 new voters in Balochistan, 268,378 male and 183,765 female voters will be registered.

ECP further said that in total 35,852 new voters from the federal capital, including 16,601 male and 19,251 female voters will be registered, while in FATA, out of total 288,964 new voters, 136,463 male and 152,501 female voters will be registered.

ECP will register 1,015,327 new voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including 572,008 male and 443,319 female voters.

The commission said that names of those deceased persons will be deleted from the voters’ lists whose deaths were registered in union councils or NADRA. It added that the names of 923,947 deceased persons will be deleted from the voters’ lists across the country, including 634,079 male and 289,868 female voters.

From Punjab, as many as 665,795 deceased persons will be removed from the list, which will include 454,335 male and 211,460 female voters. Meanwhile, from Sindh, out of a total of 194,189 deceased persons, 132,302 male and 61,887 female voters will be expunged from voter lists.

Furthermore, 12,078 deceased persons from Balochistan, including 9,112 male and 2,966 female voters will be deleted from the voter lists whereas from the federal capital, out of a total of 8,227 deceased persons, names of 5,314 males and 2,903 females will be deleted.

The ECP said that out of the total of 3,036 deceased persons from FATA, names of 2,718 male and 342 female voters will be deleted whereas from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, out of a total of 40,608 deceased persons, names of 30,298 male and 10,310 female voters will be removed from the voters’ lists.

It said that in the second phase, all electoral rolls will be displayed at allocated display centres of each district for a review of citizens, besides submitting an application for any correction or transfer of votes’ registration.

The commission further said that at the start of the review process, Chief Election Commissioner Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza has appealed to the nation to cooperate with the ECP staff in order to have error-free electoral rolls.

He asked all unregistered eligible citizens to register themselves as voters. He particularly asked those female citizens who don’t have their CNIC to immediately apply for their CNIC and register themselves as voters.



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