Russian, US ambassadors seek to improve relations between countries


WASHINGTON: Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov and the US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman outlined joint steps to improve the relations between Moscow and Washington.

On Saturday, the Russian ambassador hosted a reception at his residence, which was devoted to the Day of Russian Press.

He told reporters he considered good and constructive the meeting with Huntsman a few days earlier.

“I consider Huntsman a clever, smart professional,” the Russian diplomat said. “The meeting was good, it was constructive and I estimate as positive Huntsman’s mood towards the development of the Russian-American relations.”

Antonov met Huntsman, who was in Washington for planned consultations with the Administration and the Congress, on Thursday.

The meeting participants outlined “joint steps,” aimed at improving the Russian-American relations, which “is very important,” he continued. “He would be working with the [US] Department of State, with the White House, and he would be working at Capitol Hill [the US Congress], which is especially important. We shall be working together to restore the relations.”

The Russian ambassador stressed that under the current conditions it is impossible to hope for quick improvement of the bilateral relations. “Unfortunately, we have confirmed with regret, it would not be possible to do it promptly.”

“It will take many efforts from both sides,” the Russian ambassador said. “We have analysed all the bilateral concerns, all the bilateral problems.”.