Minister says Pakistani nukes capable of targeting all Indian cities


SHEIKHUPURA: Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain said that Pakistan has advanced nuclear and missile technology that can “target every city of India”.

Addressing an event at his Sheikhupura constituency on Sunday, he said that Indian army chief’s assertion is irresponsible and threatening, adding that this statement would be taken seriously.

Rana Tanveer said that neither the United States nor defence equipment procured from it is reliable. He said Pakistan did a lot for the US, but it too is not a trustworthy partner.

He claimed further that the defence items purchased from the US do not work in times of need.

“Our defence production is increasing. The army’s 80 per cent needs are being met domestically,” said the defence production minister, adding that Pakistan is among 6-7 countries of the world that make their own fighter aircraft.

Talking about the country’s political situation, he said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan focuses on elections but cannot sit idle without getting married.

“The conspiracies against Nawaz Sharif will be overcome by the people,” said Hussain.  He demanded the PTI chief to tell the people who gave him the duty to bring harm to the country.

Commenting on electricity and its generation, Rana Tanvir said that the present government has overcome electricity crisis. He said that the PML-N will again win general election 2018.



  1. This is such an irresponsible statement from a person at a post which demands sane person to work. The fight should remain between armies. There is no fault of any Indian you are intending to kill with the nukes. One of the reason I am proud to be a Pakistani is that we people do not hate the public of any country. Your comment is rare among the ones from Pakistani Authorities and it’s something we should not be proud of.

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