Soan Garden residents demand action against society administration


ISLAMABAD: The residents of Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Soan Gardens have asked the Islamabad chief commissioner to initiate an action against the administration of the society over corruption allegations.

The Circle Registrar Cooperative Societies Department, Islamabad Capital Administration has already suspended the management of the society and has appointed an administrator to run its affairs, however, despite being suspended, the management is still using its influences over the society.

The residents including Muhammad Mansha Sahi, Subhanuddin, Mansha Yaad, Muzaffar Hussain, Raja Zahoor, Ghulam Rabbani and others have said that the decision of the defunct administration to hold the 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was illegal.

Giving reasons about the illegality of the meeting, they said that the meeting could not be held as no details of the plots and allottees, income and expenditure and the budget statement was provided.

The members of the society were also not informed about the agenda of the meeting, and the motives behind the AGM is to convert illegal actions into legal with the approval of the residents and the meeting details of the layout and plots of society, they added.

They said that as the defunct management committee was stopped from working, neither it could use the society office nor run its affairs. But the illegal committee is still working in the office despite the registrar’s orders, they claimed.

They demanded from the registrar to remove the illegal committee members from the society office and ensure that the affairs of the cooperative housing society were running according to the rules.

The residents urged the registrar to provide a list of plots which were illegally created and billions of rupees were minted by selling the plots against the laws of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The residents told that Phase-II of Soan Gardens is in the Attock district but it has no connection with the Soan Gardens in Islamabad.

They said that the illegal society administration was hoodwinking the people by selling land without the availability of plots and approach roads, adding that the society management was defrauding the ordinary people and looting them.

They said that the chief commissioner should take a strict action against the illegal activities of the society management.