Ready to call Pakistan’s ‘nuclear bluff’, says Indian army chief | Pakistan Today

Ready to call Pakistan’s ‘nuclear bluff’, says Indian army chief

  • Says India, China to have a hotline ‘very soon’

In a provocative statement, India’s Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday said the force was ready to call Pakistan’s “nuclear bluff” and cross the border to carry out any operation if asked by the New Delhi government.

“We will call the [nuclear] bluff of Pakistan. If we will have to really confront the Pakistanis, and a task is given to us, we are not going to say we cannot cross the border because they have nuclear weapons. We will have to call their nuclear bluff,” Hindustan Times quoted Gen Rawat as saying.

He was responding to a question during a press conference on the possibility of Pakistan using its nuclear weapons in case the situation along the border deteriorates.

To another question, he said India and the US were deliberating on a proposal to appoint military liaison officers at each other’s combatant commands.

“We are examining various dimensions of the proposal,” he said.

Moreover, he said a hotline will be set up between the Indian and Chinese armies very soon.

“It is moving very fast. Very soon we will have a hotline with the Chinese side,” he said.

He said both India and China were very keen on having a hotline between the Indian Army’s Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and the Chinese officer holding similar position.

The Indian Army chief said a hotline will help resolve incidents such as transgressions along the border promptly. “We are very keen to start the hotline. The Chinese are also very clear,” he said.

It is crucial to note that, currently, India and Pakistan have a hotline between their DGMOs.

To a question on procurement of Spike anti-tank missile from Israel through government-to-government route, he said such a proposal was being considered.

In November, India’s defence ministry had decided to retract the process to acquire a batch of Spike missiles from Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.

Subsequently, the ministry had asked premier defence research laboratory DRDO to develop similar missiles with indigenous technology.

Gen Rawat, however, said the government was considering procuring the missile system from Israel using the government-to-government route.

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  1. Parvez said:

    Latoye me bhoot bataune se nah I mante time US n India kick your ass,

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  3. Father of India said:

    Indian diplomats are terrorist like Modi and company and the combatants (Army) are joker and chakkey
    A nation like India elect the killer of thousands of innocent people as a PM its shows their mentally they are sick if they want to be medicated aaaooo Pakistan kabhi khushbu laga ke tabiyat theek na kardi tu naam badal dena f………..kin sick. World will be remembere another 3 idiots America Israel & India Lol

  4. Zahoor Ahmad said:

    Wot a joker Army…Idiot thinks that we will present him flowers as souvenir.

  5. soofi sindhi said:

    Zara aao na khushbu laga ke
    Sab hisab barabar karne hain

  6. abdul said:

    They have right to please their nation. We should be calm and cool.if we are really a nuclear power otherwise we will prove IAC shutup to all my national brothers.

  7. abdul said:

    We quickly jump into the nonissues and leave our qasoor killing case.its sham for all of our nation.sham on all pakistanies .sitting in thier holes.

  8. abdul said:

    If we are a nuclear power we should first be a great united power agaist child abusement and brutal killing which we are not yet thats why being a nuclear power is not a enough.

  9. Boshu said:

    Aray bhai pura bharat iss army chief ko bhootnath kehta hai. ye pagal hai.

  10. A hindu said:

    See, we here in india are historically a nation of snake eaters and fire worshippers. Weve been ruled the majority of our history by moghuls and then the british and now were finding it hard to survive with this new found independence. So, we thought why not just annihilate ourselves – and what better way then awaking sleeping lions. We dont want to, but the lack of cow protein has caused such malnutrition weve become seriosuly deranged. Dhaal chawal just isnt working anymore. Anyway – ohm shanti ohm and off we go to die

  11. A hindu said:

    As a practising maatha jhey hari krishna hindu ohm shanti ohm – what i want to know, is this. I mean in all seriousness, lets forget the little things, like cross border firing and pety things like who does kashmir belong to – i want the big question answered, please. Oh please can some one just answer my question. Which is, why can Pakistanis eat that such beautiful delicious looking t bone steak and we cant? WHY? Them rib eyes look so juicy, with gravy and mash potato, and the sirlion steaks cut from maatha jheys tender chest, why can we not eat this? Please. I wana know?? I want to eat steak!!

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