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Incompetence of Punjab police mainly due to Sharifs, says Imran Khan

PESHAWAR: Expressing his grief over the Kasur incident, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that the incompetence of Punjab police is mainly due to the Sharif brothers.

The PTI chief said that the Punjab government failed to bring reforms in the police department despite being in power for 19 years.

He said that the PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government ensured that a merit policy is followed in police recruitment, adding no department could progress in a positive direction until meritocracy is not ensured.

Commending KP police performance, he said the police morale back in 2013 was down owing to Taliban attacks and over 700 casualties of policemen. “Our government empowered the police department after bringing grass-roots level reforms,” Khan asserted.

He said that no political interference was allowed in the province by the PTI government and that the positive outcome of that can be seen easily.

He further said that the state of merit prevails when the institutions are strong in a country.

Commenting on the state of the economy, he said the country is rich in mineral resources but needs a proper roadmap to benefit from them.

He also stressed anti-pollution measures to combat pollution in the country, as what he said, the global warming is one of the significant threats to Pakistan.

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  1. Disgusting said:

    We can’t ignore the subservient prime minister.I have not used capital p or m because he is doing what he is told. This is demeaning for the country and the man holding it but Nawaz Shar has introduced a culture in which self respect and dignity do not figure.

  2. Gatsby said:

    This man is devoid of shame and brain cells. More kids are molested in kp than anywhere in the world. Visit Bannu and see the culture of maniac patthans there.

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