I will resist all conspiracies being hatched against me: Nawaz Sharif


LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that he is not afraid of ‘conspiracies’ hatched against him and party, and vowed to face every sort of situation courageously.

Talking to his PML-N workers, Sharif maintained that hurdles were also placed in their way in the past, he was not afraid of the obstacles in the past nor is he afraid of them now.

The PML-N chief urged the party workers to remain united and play their role in public communication. She offered the Friday prayer in Jati Umra along with the workers and later listened to their queries.

Earlier, a milad ceremony was conducted at his residence. Nawaz Sharif also attended the ceremony; special prayers were also offered for the prosperity of the country.

After his ouster from the post of the prime minister in July 2017, Nawaz Sharif has launched a campaign against the judiciary and its verdict that disqualified him.

Nawaz Sharif has at various times claimed that he was being victimised by some quarters of the state and had also threatened to expose the elements behind his ouster. Nawaz is also facing NAB references in the courts that were filed after the apex court’s July 28 decision.

After his recent abrupt visit to Saudi Arabia in December last year, Sharif addressed media regarding the so-called conspiracies hatched against his party. He said: “They are trying to shift the public’s views… Block the way for a certain political party, and pave the way for their ‘darling’.” He used the words ‘darling’ for PTI chief Imran Khan, who has been called by that by the PML-N leader before.

The ones afraid of this truth are trying hard to change the reality and turn it into something else,” Nawaz went on say.

Every political party should have equal opportunity to take part in the coming general elections as the fate of democracy in the country is interlinked to these polls.