Kasur district bar annual election postponed


KASUR: The annual election of the Kasur district bar has been postponed for a week due to the prevailing situation of chaos in the city after the murder of Zainab.

The annual election for the year 2018 was to be held on 13 January but lawyers of Kasur observed a complete strike and suspended the election campaign due to the tragic incident of Zainab. According to the press release issued by the election board, the annual election of district bar Kasur would be now held on next Saturday 20 January.

The campaign in this election was already slow because after the experience of previous years the bar with the consensus of senior lawyers cut short the expenditure of election campaigns and also made rules and regulations for the district bar.

The budget of this election reached up to 15 million in the past. In the present year, PML(N) failed to provide the candidate for the slot of District Bar President.

Both the candidates for bar president, Advocate Mirza Naseem and Advocate Sardar Fakhar Ali contested the election on PPP and PTI platforms consecutively. While three independent candidates, Advocate Fahad Akram, Advocate Irfan Khan, and Advocate Ghulam Rasool were running for the slot of General Secretary.

More than 1500 voters will cast their votes in the annual election 2018 which will be held on January 20.