I will make sure I make no more mistakes: Amir Khan


LONDON: British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan said that he has put behind his matrimonial troubles and is focused on winning the next big fight in April when he returns to the ring after a hiatus of nearly two years.

Amir Khan announced his return to boxing at a press conference where he not only announced this but also said, “I have put behind all the family problems, personal problems and relationship problems,” referring to his public spat with wife Faryal Makhdoom, which made headlines for at least three months.

However, the couple later reconciled and is now expecting their second child.

Amir Khan said that he has entered a new chapter in his life and he is focused on that considering the next few years are going to be the final years of his boxing career as he is now 31 and has few fights left.

“I am 31 and will make sure I make no more mistakes; staying happy and making sure no mistakes are made and doing the right thing. Boxing is everything for me and I will make sure that I achieve the highest goals,” Khan said.

Amir Khan’s father Shah Khan added that his son was focused on training and getting ready for the next big fight and has the full support of all his family. He said that problems, big and small, happen in all families and there is nothing unusual about that.

Amir Khan said that he is fully confident that he will win saying, “I’m looking forward to getting back into the boxing ring and Allah is with me, I have no fears. I train and work hard and as long as I do that Allah is with me.”

He added: “I’m determined to win another world championship and I’m confident I’ve got the right team behind me to help me do so.”



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