Saudi prince fired after audio reocording contradicts state


RIYADH: A Saudi prince was removed from his post after he released an audio recording that contradicted the Saudi authorities’ version of the arrest of 11 princes in Riyadh last week, reports said.

Prince Abdullah bin Saud, who was appointed the president of the Saudi Marine Sports Federation back in October, stressed that the recording, which was released on Monday, was his own personal initiative.

The arrests occurred on January 4, and were carried out by an elite force – called the Blood-rusted Sword – that are directly linked to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The official version given by the government was that the princes were arrested after protesting austerity measures in front of a royal palace.

Yet Saudi activists on social media said the rally was an objection to a campaign of arrests targeting royals and the absence of former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

“Because I am close to the events I want to clarify an important point,” Abdullah bin Saud began. “These young men are the finest youth of our country, and there is no way that they can object to the orders of the rulers.”

He went on to say that the princes were slapped with “false and illogical” accusations of caring too much about “money and the pleasures of the world”.

“They had arrived at the palace to accompany their relative who was called to be asked about his previous job,” bin Saud said. “Upon arrival, he was let in but they were prevented from entering with him, and a brief physical fight with the guards occurred.”

The fight resulted in the issuance of orders to arrest the princes, he said.

The day after the recording was released; the chairman of the General Authority of Sport, Turki Al-Sheikh issued an order to remove Bin Saud from his position immediately.

Bin Saud reportedly stands accused of contradicting the official state version, which stated that the princes concerned had gathered in front of the palace protesting the imposition of electricity and water bills on them and demanding material compensation for the implementation of state retribution against their cousin.

Several Saudi websites said that Bin Saud is being held at the Ha’ir prison in Riyadh, where other royal members who were previously arrested and confined to the Ritz Carlton Hotel were transferred to.


  1. Will I be allowed to ask most humbly, one simple question.
    How many of those making statements and counter statements as above, are aware that they will have to justify what they are saying or doing today, on a terrible day for everyone i.e. on Yaumulqiyahmuh?

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