#Justice4Zainab: Rape, murder of seven-year-old girl in Kasur spark outrage


KASUR: A seven-year-old girl, Zainab, went to her tuition centre but did not return. Her parents had gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and the girl was living with her aunts.

Zainab became yet another victim of Kasur’s dirty legacy, a legacy which has seen numerous innocent souls falling prey to the monstrosities of men.

It was later revealed by the police that the minor was kidnapped on January 5, and her body was found from a garbage pile near Shahbaz Road after four days.

According to the initial postmortem report, the minor was strangled to death after being raped multiple times.

People have taken to social media to voice their anger at this horrendous crime which has become a norm in the city of Kasur.

Nadia Jamil, a famous TV performer deplored the silence of the administration every single time an incident like this happened and questioned the acceptance of child abuse in the society. In her Twitter message, she stated, “Raped, killed, found in trash of Qasur. Her parents performing Umrah, will come home for her funeral. NOW look at this & decide what you want to use your voice on social media for. How long will we b silent abt child abuse? How many Zainabs will it take?”

Calling on the law enforcement agencies to apprehend the culprits, social media is rife with demands of publically punishing and hanging the monsters that dared commit such a crime.

One Twitter user wrote, “I can’t control the tears, honestly I feel like forgetting about QAANON and people should find the culprit and kill them slowly and painfully as possible”.

Another Twitter user Manahil Shafiq called for the culprits to be publically hanged so that a precedent was set for one and all. She states,”A similar incident occurred in Iran last year where a seven-year-old, Atena Aslani was assaulted, killed and dumped, to which the Irani government openly hanged the assaulter in front of a large crowd.This is what we need, no awareness campaign or words ever help.”

Speaking of the lack of concern by the political class of the country, Twitter user Saadia Bukhari writes, “I’m feeling dead inside looking at this. The hell with the fake morality of so-called Muslims who are obsessed with 3rd marriages of politicians and iqamas and who’s kafir and who’s not. Bastards won’t do jack about this; they themselves are responsible”.

Another twitter user lamented the priorities of country’s ruling class whilst stating, “… its pakistan where a political leader marriage is more imp than a murdered child”.

Arsh Khawaja, a Twitter user deplored the social conscious and stated,”I’m sorry Zainab once again we failed to give protection to our sisters and daughters. I’m sorry little angel for this pathetic society, I’m sorry for us even being called Muslims and this state Islami republic of Pakistan taken on the name of Islam. speechless”.

Fakhr-e-Alam, a famous media personality also expressed his deepest regret and anger over the incident and stated, “Heartbroken, 7-year-old child…Zainab, angry very very angry, have loads of profanity for all of us. How can we champion of ghairat allow this to happen in our country on our watch, hang yourselves in Shame. It’s Kasur again remember bastards”.

Mawra Hocane, famous film and TV actress stated, “In this day and age where everything and everyone is scrutinised and shamed, why are we always unable to find Murderers & Rapists! We should not forget this. The perpetrator should be burnt or hanged”.

What is interesting to note is that even though social media was full of people condemning the incident, calling on the authorities to take relevant action as soon as possible and punish the criminals, the political elite of the country sprung into action only after the uproar by the masses.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif took to Twitter and stated,”I hope and pray the culprits are not only brought to justice but made an example of”.

Shireen Mazari, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, in her Twitter message stated,”7 year old Zainab raped, murdered and thrown in the garbage: what monsters are we creating in our society that destroy our innocent children’s lives? Absolutely heartbreaking – creating a helpless anger in so many of us”.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s daughter and avid Twitter user Aseefa Zardari stated, “#JusticeForZainab she was only 7 years old !!! Zainab was an innocent child and she was horrifically tortured & murdered, my heart breaks for her family”.



  1. My seven years old daughter is sitting beside me drawing mountains ,snow, hills ,flowers saying me our world is too beautiful. I can’t tell her No as there r monsters who always look to eat the innocence of child and in PAKISTAN where no justice u can find, how a culprit would be punished. I bet that man would not be catched and if he would, he be escaped due to benefit of doubt. It is happening when Javaid killed 100 children and when a PML N member was not b punished. Shame on the so called Muslims RULERS of the ISLAMIC DEMOcratic pakistan

  2. What on earth, such a beautiful little child…Her poor parents were in Saudi to do their religious things where the poor daughter got raped without them knowing she was found 4 days later and they must’ve been worrying where she as thinking about the happiness they’ll have when they find her an hug her but she was found dead. She was too young kill those monsters who did this. #JusticeForZainab

  3. I am dreadful of hearing such thing.. What on earth they’re thinking of doing? Could a human be so cruel with such hoples poor little girl? What bad she has done to have experienced such ugly, tidious, unforgettable and hilarious deed? What else should they do to continue be left not apprehended or condemned? Raise your awareness government people, your family could be next suffering if you take no action… What goes around, comes around.. Remember Allah is great, and you’ll get what you deserve ! May her family be able to bear such loss, and find strength to Allah’s embrace and tranquil…
    Praying for the little angel Zainab, may you rest in peace!

  4. This news sucks my blood from heart and bones. I am shocked to think about what kind of animals this society is creating. I saw in 1970s murderer of “pappu” hanged till death in open public place in Lahore. That incident was remembered for decades by our generation. Unfortunately this new generation needs a similar death watch for such criminals and a unforgettable punishmwnt for those who support these criminal animals.

  5. This news sucks my blood from heart and bones. I am shocked to think about what kind of animals this society is creating. I saw in 1970s murderer of “pappu” hanged till death in open public place in Lahore. That incident was remembered for decades by our generation. Unfortunately this new generation needs a similar death watch for such criminals and unforgettable punishment for those who support these criminal animals.

  6. Ya ALLAH !!
    Tu sab jaanta hai … ye kese kr skta h koi …
    Laanat ho aese qoum pr jo musalmaan honay ka daawa krti h firkay bntey hai or kon hai ye log unky kya maa behn nh … ALLAH unko dardnaak azaab de dunyaa or akhirat dono mein ?

  7. My dear sister zainab.You are the Angel of paradise.And close touched person to ma heart at this moment.Allah is with you.That bunch of idiots are not going to leave more.Their death will give peace to whole the world.Praying for your family my dear

  8. Kill him No Trial or words, no Justice system, No frills, No Shenanigans, No foolish talk, no debates JUST KILL him

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