Approximately 5,000 schools still closed in Sindh: report


KARACHI: Approximately 5,000 schools are still closed in Sindh even though ten years have passed since the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) led by Asif Ali Zardari began its tenure in 2008, reveals a report issued by the Sindh education department.

The report lays bare all the claims of the PPP led provincial government of having brought significant reforms in education system.

The report also reveals that as many as 100,000 (one lac) students dropped out of government schools across the province, but the number of teachers increased to 1.4 million; blaming continuous political meddling for the deteriorating condition of education in the province.

On the one hand, a large number of schools are closed, on the other, those that have not closed down lack most of the basic facilities.

According to the report, 23,000 schools of the province lacked electricity, 99 per cent of schools are deprived of labs and 75 per cent lacking playgrounds.

A hefty amount of funds earmarked for education in the budget is gobbled up by the salaries of government employees, report claims.