Director health says Karachi pollution aggravating H1N1


KARACHI: Pollution, a result of widespread construction of roads and buildings, is a major reason accounting to the increase in breathing issues as well as the H1N1 epidemic, Karachi Director Health Dr Tahir Aziz said.

Talking to a leading media outlet about the increase in reports of the seasonal influenza in the city, Dr Aziz said that people suffering from or in doubt of contracting this disease should take necessary precautions to avoid the disease from spreading.

“Patients should wear masks so that germs are not spread by means of coughing and flu,” he added.

Talking about the symptoms of the disease, Dr Aziz said that H1N1 symptoms resemble those of a common flu, like runny nose and coughing.

However, H1N1 (seasonal influenza A) is a deadly disease which can spread through contact with the bacteria discharged by an infected person’s coughing and sneezing. Pregnant women, senior citizens, and children are susceptible to the disease.

A private hospital in Karachi has confirmed 28 cases of the H1N1 (seasonal influenza A), with several other patients complaining of symptoms similar to that of the deadly disease.

Isolation wards have been set up in private hospitals in view of reports of the outbreak, however, no case has been reported in the public hospitals as yet.