Conciliatory committee system effective to handle cases of minor nature: SP | Pakistan Today

Conciliatory committee system effective to handle cases of minor nature: SP

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Superintendent Police (Rural), Dr Mustafa Tanveer, said on Tuesday that the conciliatory committee system is the best way to handle the cases of minor nature since it helps police to save its precious time and focus on important tasks of public welfare.

He was addressing the participants of Conciliatory Committees (CC) of rural zone. Senior Deputy Police Officers (SDPOs) and Station House Officers (SHOs) of various police stations in the rural zone also attended the meeting held at the office of SP. The meeting took place following the special instructions of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri.

The SP gave many recommendations to the committee to improve their work. He said that that conciliatory system was very much effective for resolving cases of minor nature.

He urged all the participants to decide cases purely on merit and with honesty. It would not only bring good repute for them but would also to ensure justice and peace in the society.

The SP asked the participants to immediately contact with him in case of any hurdle faced by any police officer towards dispensing justice.

He said it was our duty to stop corrupt practices and serve the people with dedication and honesty. He also lauded the services of rural zone conciliatory committees and said that the mutual cooperation between the police and public could result in a safer society.

During the meeting, various issues of public importance were discussed with the members and the problems of the committee members were also heard.

The SP also expressed his desire to make Islamabad police a role model police for others to be followed. He said that IGP Islamabad directed to inculcate friendly police ecology in the Capital, and achieving this target is our priority.

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