PAT’s steering committee will finalise protest strategy: Qadri


LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Sunday held a meeting of party’s central core committee to sketch a strategy for the anti-government agitation.

In the meeting, the party while keeping in view the end of its deadline to the government had discussed all possible options.

Addressing the core committee, the PAT chief said a protest strategy will be shared and discussed with all the All Parties Conference (APC) participant parties’ leadership before its finalisation by the steering committee.

“In pursuit of justice for the ‘martyrs’ of the model town killings, we will proceed with collective ownership as it is unanimously a quest for humanity.We will go to any stretch to seek justice.”

The PAT has already shown immense patience and gave an ample time for the delivery of justice, Qadri said, adding that party’s peace-centric policy is being taken as its weakness; which will be ‘corrected’ soon. The PAT has always made efforts within the contours of law and democratic norms, he went on to add.

Separately, in a meeting with the heirs of martyrs, Qadri said: “We lifted coffins but did not get justice, yet we did not raise fingers at the courts.”
In an allusion to the Sharif family’s tirades against the higher judiciary, he said that liars and plunderers were threatening that they will not spare the judges of the Supreme Court. The apex court is not an offshore company that you can threaten it, he warned the Sharifs as he assured the court of its party’s support.

He further said that PAT workers were standing firm with against the oppressors, and workers were at his fingertips to fight for justice.

PAT’s spokesperson said that the meeting of APC steering committee will be held at PATs central secretariat 3 pm.


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