NAB Rawalpindi establishes 1840 CBS in educational institutes to fight corruption


ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi has established 1840 character building societies (CBS) in various educational institutes, aiming to channelise the creative energies of the youth to fight corruption.

According to a NAB spokesperson, the platform was used to conduct declamation competitions, essay writing contests, and posters and painting competitions to enhance awareness against the menace of corruption.

The NAB Rawalpindi has also held seminars on issues related to public procurement with the help of COMSATS University. Systemic deficiencies in service delivery departments were identified through a prevention committee, which offered a recommendation for system improvement.

During the year 2017, NAB Rawalpindi carried out a concerted campaign for the awareness and prevention with a prime focus on the youth of the country. It organised seminars on the theme “fight against corruption” in various universities, colleges and schools of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal and Attock.