Training session of HR&CP officers concluded


ISLAMABAD: The first phase of training of Human Rights and Community Police (HR&CP) officers appointed at all police stations of the federal capital came to an end on Sunday.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri attended the concluding ceremony of training here at Police Line Headquarters Islamabad. The event was also attended by Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Islamabad Sajid Kiyani, representatives of Rozan and HR&CP officers invited from police stations of Islamabad.

The IGP distributed the certificates among the police officers who participated in the training.

Addressing the ceremony, Temuri said that this was the first training phase in which officers were informed about the objectives of HR&CP.

Today community policing was considered the most successful method of the policing throughout the world, he said.

He said in this modern era, the police require public cooperation in order to protect the lives and property of the citizens.

He further said that if the public was was unhappy with the police and had no confidence in them then the police department would not be able to succeed in its objectives.

He said the objective of the police was to facilitate the people to ease their lives.

The IGP laid out three important components of community policing: the police approached the public, people informed the department about their problems and the police address their issues with their cooperation.

He said police had to end its fear from the hearts of public to achieve their goal in accordance with the objective of community policing. Addressing the police officers, he said, “You have to go to the community and listen to their problems.”

Community police centres are getting established in all police stations of the federal capital where the citizens would be able to come and discuss their issues with the police, he said

The IGP said, “We have to work efficiently to make the Islamabad police the best and exemplary police of the world and we have to adopt basic ethics to achieve our goal.”

The department would show zero tolerance against corruption, he concluded.